Women with closed eyes Women with open eyes

Open Closed Eyes in Photos with AI magic

Get twinkling eyes in every photo! ✨ Our quick, online tool opens closed eyes without any login fuss.

or drop a file

Change eye colors, open eyes using YOUR eyes! It's in our app now!

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AI-Powered App to Correct
Closed Eyes in Photos

Make every one of your photos the perfect shot

Have you ever taken the perfect photo, only to find out that someone blinked?🤦

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures natural and lifelike results, bringing your memories back to life.

Photography of couple with closed eyes Photography of couple with open eyes

Revive Your Photos using AI

Don't let a blink ruin the perfect shot. With OpenEyes, effortlessly transform photos by opening closed eyes in just a few clicks.

Whether it's a candid moment or a group photo, OpenEyes ensures everyone's eyes are wide open.

App to open closed eyes
App to open closed eyes

Advanced Features on
our iOS App!

Discover an elevated photo editing experience with the
Open Eyes Face Editor iOS app.

From sophisticated eye color changes to seamless eye swaps,
elevate every snap!

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Popular Questions

What is Open Eyes?
Open Eyes is a web-based service designed to automatically open closed eyes in your photographs. Simply select an image, and our sophisticated AI technology will generate a new photo with naturally open eyes.
Why Open Eyes is free?
We don't charge for some services in web because dealing with small payments from lots of countries is too complicated. It involves a lot of rules and tax forms, which isn't worth the hassle.
So... How Open Eyes make money?
Our main income comes from our iOS app. We have ads and premium features. This helps us pay for our servers and keeps things running smoothly without worrying about small payments from all over the world.
Why do we ask for your email?
How Secure is Open Eyes?
Your uploaded images are confidential and transferred using SSL/TLS-encryption. We do not share your photos with third parties, publish them, or use them for any other purpose. Both the original and modified images are deleted from our servers 3 hours after upload.
Do you use my images to train the AI?
No, we do not use your uploaded images to train our state-of-the-art AI models. However, if you'd like to contribute your image to improve the Open Eyes service, you can reach out to us at [email protected]
What images are supported?
You can upload any image in JPG or PNG format with a file size of up to 10 megabytes.
Please note, NSFW photos are NOT allowed.